Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Custom Mother's / Family Birthstone Rosary

 This rosary was custom-made at the request of a friend in Michigan. We met through our mutual devotion to Our Lady of America, and our amazing spiritual experiences in Rome City.
Mother's Rosary

She requested a custom made rosary with each decade representing one of her five children.  These images are of the finished product. The birthstones include the birth month of her husband and herself and the wedding anniversary month. All of the beads representing Aves, are made of 8 mm Swarovski Crystal bicones with an aurora borealis coating (AB), and are in the following order from the crucifix:
Ruby AB (July) her husband's birthstone;
Rose AB (October) their wedding anniversary month;
Topaz AB her birthstone;
First decade - Sapphire AB her oldest child's birthstone;
Each remaining decade utilizes the birthstones for the other children in chronological order, and are as follows:
 Blue Zircon AB;
 Alexandrite AB;
 Emerald AB;
 Peridot AB.

Rosary Depicting the Birthstones of Each Child in Chronological Order. Sapphire AB for the first decade and oldest child, followed by Blue Zircon AB, Alexandrite AB, Emerald AB, Peridot AB Ruby AB,  Rose AB and Topaz AB located  just behind the crucifix, represent the husband's birthstone, wedding anniversary birthstone, and wife's birthstone respectively.


Alexandrite violet (normal light)

Alexandrite - Blue (Fluorescent Light)


An interesting feature of the Alexandrite bead is that it changes color depending on the light source. In normal light it appears as a light violet color, but under fluorescent light it changes to a pale blue.   

The Paters are made with two beads - a Clear AB crystal ring (to represent the unity and endless quality of married love) with a rose colored ceramic flower inside the ring - rose is their wedding birthstone color.

The center is a hand cast bronze piece with two turtle doves holding a heart. The crucifix is a hand cast bronze piece with hearts on each tip.

Thank you for your order, Brenda!

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