Thursday, August 26, 2010

'Fascinating Rome City' Site Goes on Auction Block - Urgent Help Needed!

With permission of : This photo was sent to us by Dan who recently visited Sylvan Springs from the Chicago area. He captured a great moment with the Holy Family as the sun was spinning.

 Please click on the  link above for a newspaper article on the Rome City site of Our Lady of America.  Please forward to anyone who can help save this site.  This site is the "Lourdes" for the United States.  There have been hundreds of miracles and miraculous healings at this site through Mary's intercession under the title of Our Lady of America.  The local Bishop, Bishop Rhoades, had a meeting last month about the site.  In the meeting he accepted medical documentation of one miraculous healing at the site.  He has assigned a priest from his office to oversee the investigation.   If we do not act to save this site, the site will be sold before the Bishop finishes his investigation.  The site is set for Public Auction on Sept 10th and Sept 11th.  If you are able, please make a donation on the Web site.  Every dollar is desperately needed at this point or this Holy Apparition site of Mary will be sold on Sept 11th by public auction.We need to keep this very holy site for the Church so that the faithful can go there in their times of need to pray for physical and spiritual healing.  Please pray your hearts out that this site is saved from foreclosure prior to the Sept 10th sale date.  Calling all prayer warriors!!!!  We need this covered in much fervent prayer and prayer and fasting.  Also, please make a donation even if it is just one dollar.  If everyone we know donates what they can and tells everyone they knows to do the same we will be able to save this holy Apparition site of The Blessed Mother for all of us to go there to worship God.  Please, please, please help!  The web site is .  click on the spot that says donations.  We are still working to raise funds/pledges to redeem the property and safeguard it in the hands of a Not- For- Profit (OLTIV) to be used as a retreat house and home for retired religious. If you know of someone willing to help in any capacity, please have them contact us immediately at 847-726-7520 or at


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Divine Mercy Chaplet

  This heirloom quality rosary orignally appeared in March of this year. Reposting due to new activity ...just sold this piece (for $125.00) to Michael in Texas. Thank you so much Michael!

This beautiful rosary is made with  genuine Swarovski Crystal 8mm bicone Aves in Ruby AB and White Opal AB. The right half of the rosary is made with the White Opal AB and the left half is made with the Ruby AB color in order to represent the Red and White rays coming from each side of the Heart of Jesus as depicted in the image of Jesus as the Divine Mercy.

Bronze colored etched Paters are surrounded by Swarovski Crystal 4mm Ruby AB 2X bicones and nestled between saucer shaped beads. The center is bronze handcast of the Divine Mercy with the inscription "Jesus I Trust in You"  on the back. The crucifix is also a bronze handcast  piece depicting Mary and John at the foot of the Cross. It is even more lovely than pictured - you won't be disappointed. It comes in a lovely gift box for storage and display. Free shipping. All my rosaries are made with 49 strand wire for added strength and flexibility. Contact me for more details. Price $125.00
Thanks for looking.....Jesus I Trust inYou.