Monday, March 29, 2010

A Spring Bouquet of Avees

This rosary is a lovely spring color of Aquamarine like the birthstone for March. It is created with genuine Swarovski Crystal Aqua AB 8mm bicones for the Aves. Pale Aqua Hearts that glow in the dark are used for Paters. The Center is a color picture of the Holy Family on one side and the Holy Trinity on the other.

The Crucifix is a handcast bronze depiction of the Holy Family. Approximately 20 inches long, it comes in a lovely gift box for display and storage. Shipping is free. Contact me for questions or if interested.  Price $125.00
God bless...thanks for looking.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tanzanite Rosary Bracelet

This rosary bracelet features ten sparking genuine Swarovski Crystal teardrop beads in Tanzanite AB. It is simple but lovely with a very unique and delicate handcast bronze scapular with the Sacred Heart on the front and Our Lady of Mt. Carmel on the back. The beads and Scapular are linked together using gold filled wire. A gold bullet shaped magnetic clasp makes it easy to apply. This bracelet measures 7 and 1/2 inches in length. Comes in a lovely gift box and shipping is free. Price $35.00
Thanks for looking. All for Our Lady of America - see 



Red Cloisonne Bracelet Bouquet

This rosary bracelet is made of Red Cloisonne beads with pink flowers and gold, green and white accents (Aves). A red puffy glass heart is used for the Pater and is nestled between genuine Swarovski Crystal Clear AB 2X 4mm bicones. The links are handmade using gold filled wire.
A beautiful handcast bronze Scapular is the highlight of the bracelet with a delicate dangling handcast bronze Miraculous Medal. A barrel shaped strong magnetic clasp makes this bracelet easy to apply.  It measuress 7 and 3/4 inches in size. Comes in a gift box and shiping is free. Price $35.00
 God bless and thanks for looking.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Bouquet Fit For Royalty - Tanzanite AB Swarovski Crystal Rosary

With beautiful hues of purple and gold this rosary captures the royal quality of Our Lord and His kingdom. Purple is also used by the church as the color of suffering. With these images in mind, it is a fitting rosary for Lent, especially with Passion Sunday and Holy Week just a few days away.

This gorgeous creation uses genuine Swarovski Crystal 8mm bicones in Tanzanite AB for the Aves.  The Aves are separated by Swarovski Crystal 4 mm bicones in Crystal Aurum AB 2X (a regal color of gold). The Paters are lovely ovals of white with gold and purple streaks. 49 strand wire is used for stringing for strength and to resist kinking or breakage.  Scrimps (combination screw and crimp bead) are used for beauty in finishing and a more professional look.

                                                                                                                                                                            The crucifix and center are handcast bronze pieces. The bronze crucifix is lovely with twelve angels on the tips. The bronze center is called a radiant center with Our Lady on the front and the Sacred Heart on the back.
It comes with a lovely gift box for display and or storage.  As always shipping is free.
Price $125.00
God bless and thanks for looking.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Overview of the Apparition Site of Our Lady of America

These two segments are the first of many about the history of Our Lady of America and the apparition site in Rome City, Indiana. If you can donate to this important cause thank you. Even if not please pray and spread the word. Most importantly make a pilgrimage there if at all possible. It will change your life.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

"Pray Hope and Don't Worry"

Those five words were uttered by Padre Pio to strengthen and can be meditated on while praying the rosary. This rosary would make a lovely gift for that special man in your life whether for private prayer or to lead the family rosary. Made with 8mm Genuine Swarovski Crystal bicones forAves and Topaz 10mm Round for Paters. The Paters are also nestled between bronze colored metal saucers and carved flowers. Genuine Swarovski Crystal Topaz AB Bicones 4mm are used as spacers between Aves for added luminosity.
The Center is handcast bronze from an antique piece and features Padre Pio on the front and Our Lady of Perpetual Help on the back. The Crucifix is bronze handcast depicting John and Mary at the Foot of the Cross.  Made with 49 strand wire and scrimps for strength aand beauty. Come in a lovely gift box and as always shipping is free. Price $125.00
Thanks for looking ... May God bless you and Mary keep you. 

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Our Lady's Mantle Sapphire AB Swarovski Crystal Rosary

Update Sold to Laurie after we met at  the Day of Prayer and Healing on July 10th, 2010. Thanks and God bless Laurie!

This rosary reminds me of the phrase "under her starry mantle" with the blue colors of the night sky and silver sparkles like those of the stars. It was made with genuine Swarovski Crystal Sapphire AB 8mm bicones (Aves) and blue glow in the dark Heart (Paters). The spacers are Swarovski Crystal Comet Argent Light 4mm bicones providing a perfect silver match to the sterling silver center Miraculous Medal enclosed in a heart frame.

The silver crucifix is one of my favorites, depicting John and Mary at the foot of the cross.  Measuring  20.5 inches long and 8.5 inches from the center to the bottom of the crucifix.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Just in Time for Divine Mercy Sunday - Divine Mercy Rosary

This beautiful rosary is made with  genuine Swarovski Crystal 8mm bicone Aves in Ruby AB and White Opal AB. The right half of the rosary is made with the White Opal AB and the left half is made with the Ruby AB color in order to represent the Red and White rays coming from each side of the Heart of Jesus as depicted in the image of Jesus as the Divine Mercy.

Bronze colored etched Paters are surrounded by Swarovski Crystal 4mm Ruby AB 2X bicones and nestled between saucer shaped beads. The center is bronze handcast of the Divine Mercy with the inscription "Jesus I Trust in You"  on the back. The crucifix is also a bronze handcast  piece depicting Mary and John at the foot of the Cross. It is even more lovely than pictured - you won't be disappointed. It comes in a lovely gift box for storage and display. Free shipping. All my rosaries are made with 49 strand wire for added strength and flexibility. Contact me for more details. Price $125.00
Thanks for looking.....Jesus I Trust inYou.

A Spring Bouquet of Aves - Peach Genuine Swarovski Crystal Rosary

This rosary is handmade with genuine Swarovski Crystal Lt. Peach AB 2X Bicones for the Aves - they are 8mm in size (AB is the aurora borealis coating that gives these beads extra dazzle and shine). The Paters consist of handpainted egg-shaped beads with Lt .Sapphire AB 2X 4mm bicones as spacers between saucer beads  nestling the Paters. The crucifix is handcast bronze and has angels on each tip, with an inscription on back "Adveniat RegnumTuum". The center is also handcast from an antique piece, depicting the Infant Jesus with adoring angels on either side. The back of this center reads: "Archbishop's Committee For Children, Home, and Family". It measures 22.5 inches total length with an 8 inch drop (from center to bottom tip of crucifix). All of my rosaries are made using 49-strand wire and scrimps (rather than regular crimps for added strength and a more finished look). It comes in a beautiful gift box, and shipping is free. Contact me if any questions or to purchase.
  Price $125.00  SOLD
May God bless you and Mary keep you.